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Whey cream is a product where high temperature pasteurization is needed to ensure that the product does not contain bacteria spores. We pasteurize at 121 °C with a holding time of 5 seconds.

Our Challenge

Whey cream can be used in cheese instead of milk cream in order to save the milk cream to production of butter and cream, and it is good use of raw material to invest in such a technical solution.

The Solution

The least difficult way to sterilize this particular product is by rotating scrape heat exchangers, but such heat exchangers double the investment. We succeeded in designing a functional plant using plate heat exchangers instead.

The Team Effort

Our delivery included 3D design, pre-fabrication in workshop, delivery to the plant, mechanical installation work, test/commissioning of the plant, documentation and training of operators.

About Aquatiq®

Aquatiq® provides complete food safety solutions and expertise to the global food industry, offering a holistic approach that includes consultation, equipment and hygiene systems. Aquatiq offers food safety courses, certifications, audits as well as specialized chemistry for food processing and mechanical industries. Aquatiq does what it takes to ensure the production and distribution of safe food for companies around the world.

Cutting operational costs by designing a functional plant using plate heat exchangers instead of a conventional rotating scrape heat exchanger.

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